We CARE about the environment here at Jean Jarreau wines, not just limited to the way our wines our produced but also how they are packaged and transported.

We are strong supporters of REDUCING and even ELIMINATING the use of many PLASTIC items like: plastic grocery shopping bags, plastic water bottles, plastic wine corks and more.

We use 100% NATURAL CORK for our Cuvée Jean Jarreau Red Wine.

Cork is produced from tree bark and harvested every seven years throughout the life of a cork oak tree, the QUERCUS SUBER.

The corks for the wine bottles are cut from the outside to the inside of the bark.

For our Cuvée Jean Jarreau White Wines and Cuvée Jean Jarreau Rosé Wines we use the World's first zero carbon footprint wine closure SELECT GREEN from Nomacork. ( https://vimeo.com/122994991 )

We offer our customers a Vinolok Glass Closure FOR FREE with each order.

Those Glass Closures are great to close the bottle again once she has been opened.

Plastic Oceans

Plastic grocery bags, plastic bottles and all other plastic items end mainly up in the ocean and endanger marine life and therefore our own health as well. Thousands of birds are dying every day because they eat plastic.

Turtles, fish and other animals confuse plastic for jellyfish or food and eat them with fatal consequences, the plastic breaks into small pieces and leaches chemicals into the sea, eventually it breaks up in very small parts so that even the tiniest creatures like plankton will eat it and as such not only affect the whole environment but end up in human beings as we eat fish and other animals, mussels and seafood that live in the oceans.

Although there are better alternatives to plastic bags, bottles etc., unfortunately plastic is still used every day.

Plastic shopping bags are now finally being banned in some countries because sea life is dying with stomachs clogged full of plastic but too many other plastic products are still used everywhere.

We are a long time and strong supporter of environmentalist TANYA STREETER who between 1998 and 2005 claimed 10 World Records in Free Diving.

Tanya features in the film "A Plastic Ocean" ( which you should download and see https://www.plasticoceans.org )

We here at Jean Jarreau Wines have decided to give 1 Euro from each sale of a bottle of Cuvée Jean Jarreau to the foundation

Plastic Oceans.

Plastic Oceans Foundation is an officially registered environmental charity.