Jean Jarreau has made extraordinary photographs for over thirty years.

He is a Belgian photographer born in Antwerp, who moved to the Caribbean in 1991.

He lives in St.Maarten-St.Martin and St.Barth’s in the winter season and in the Antibes area in the South of France during the summer.

It is in the South of France that his passion for wines blossomed.

He started blending wines, liquors, cocktails and other drinks more than 25 years ago under the brand names JJ Wines, Martinique Passion Drink and others. Those were sold mainly in Belgian bars, restaurants and discotheques while some found their way into the International markets like Holland, Spain and France.

Jean Jarreau started working in the early eighties mainly as a fashion photographer and photographed female models for many fashion designers, lingerie and swimsuit brands.

While living in the Caribbean he specialized in aerial photography and photographing exclusive villas, classics, mega and super yachts, often blending beautiful photo models with superb villa interiors and exceptional yachts.

Many of his museum art photographs are pictures in black and white or sepia, mainly printed on high quality linen and/or published world wide in magazines, newspapers and books.

Jean Jarreau was involved, not only with Photography, but also with other marine related businesses in the luxury yachting industry.

Several years ago, through a cooperation with a vineyard in St.Jean de Fos in the South of France, Jean Jarreau and his team started working on the idea of bringing the Jean Jarreau Wines commercially into the exclusive market of the mega and super yachts.

The first wines: "Cuvée Jean Jarreau" bottles are available as of today for selected customers.

( P.S. Your neighbour doesn't have one :) )